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Breast Reconstruction

Other Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Sometimes the more common approaches to breast reconstruction are not possible (when there is not enough tissue available from your tummy or back, or implant based reconstruction is not suitable). In such situations I would use an alternative technique. They are not my first line treatments.

These include:

Breast reconstruction using tissue from your buttock (S-GAP or I-GAP flap)

  • It is a long procedure (6-8 hours), as it needs microsurgery.
  • It is less reliable that a DIEP/TRAM.
  • It will leave a scar on one buttock, and therefore there will be some buttock asymmetry.

Breast reconstruction using tissue from your inner thigh (TUG flap)

  • This procedure uses tissue of the inner portion of the thigh (including the gracilis muscle).
  • The scar is hidden in the groin crease.
  • It can leave some asymmetry of the contour of the thighs.
  • It may be indicated in patients with smaller breasts that do not want scars in the abdomen.
  • It is a long procedure (4- 6hours) that entails microsurgery.

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