Breast Asymmetry

Unequal breast size is a common problem. Most women will have a small degree of breast asymmetry, either in volume or shape. There are some women though that have a marked difference and this can cause problems with how clothes fit, especially underwear and swimwear. A noticeable difference can also cause embarrassment and lead to wearing clothes designed to hide the body shape, avoidance of such activities as swimming and generally a decrease in self-esteem. This operation can free you to feel confident with your body, enabling you to wear the clothes you want, and take part in the activities you enjoy.

Summary of the Procedure

The exact procedure depends on many factors, including the type and cause of the asymmetry. Commonly there are three options:

  • To make the bigger breast smaller (breast reduction),
  • To make the smaller breast bigger with a breast implant (breast augmentation),
  • To make both breasts bigger or make both breasts smaller, removing or adding different volumes on each side to give a better match and symmetry.

In some cases when the breast is very small and has a very narrow base, the skin needs to be stretched with a medical balloon device called a tissue expander. At your initial consultation, we discuss the cause of the asymmetry, as well as what you hope to achieve from this operation. Then we can plan the best approach for you.

Postoperative period

After the procedure, the patient awakes with dressings over the surgical area and support tape for the breasts. Drains are not always used but if they are necessary they usually do not stay in longer than 24-48hrs. A sports bra (no wires) should be worn 24/7 for four weeks. A properly fitted under-wired bra can be used after eight weeks. If breast reduction has been part of the procedure, it is absolutely normal to have swelling and bruising of the breasts after the procedure, especially in the lower part. This can last for about two weeks. Some leaking of the wounds is common in the first 10 days. Initially, your breasts will be higher and firmer, gradually getting softer with time. You will be able to appreciate the final result three to four months after surgery.

What you need to be aware of

As with any surgical procedure, there can occasionally be complications; scarring, bleeding, infection, alteration of sensation, breast asymmetry, wound breakdown, chest infections and clots in the legs or lungs. The chances of any complication can be reduced by observing the postoperative recommendations above. Smoking is also a risk factor. This subject is always fully discussed during your initial consultation.

Nights in hospital

Your length of stay would be 1-2 nights

Recovery time

2 weeks

Post operative bra

Should be worn for 4 weeks 24/7

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