Similar to a “mummy makeover,” the term “daddy makeover” refers to a combination of cosmetic surgical procedures.

Male cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular as societal attitudes toward aesthetics and self-care have evolved. Men seek cosmetic procedures for various reasons, including addressing signs of aging, enhancing facial features, and improving overall confidence.

New dads may experience changes in diet, exercise and sleep after becoming a parent which have a physical effect on their bodies. Combined with the effects of aging, these changes may inspire new fathers to undergo a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures. A daddy makeover over often includes body contouring procedures such as liposuction and/or a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). It may also include surgery to address gynaecomastia.

A good candidate for a daddy makeover is a patient whose primary goals are an improvement in the contour of their physique. Before any cosmetic procedure, it is important that patients are at a stable weight which is close to ideal for them. Patients must also be in good health to undergo elective cosmetic surgery.

Patients interested in a daddy makeover should prepare for surgery by first consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon.

Patients looking to have a daddy makeover over should also consider the financial and time commitment needed to have and recover from surgery. For patients who smoke, quitting smoking several weeks before surgery is important for optimal healing. Additionally, understanding the risks and recovery associated with any kind of surgical procedure is an important step.

The potential risks and complications from a daddy makeover vary depending on the specific procedures involved. Most types of cosmetic surgery is classed as major surgery that will require the patient to undergo general anaesthetic. Potential risks of a cosmetic surgery procedure includes scarring, bleeding, bruising, infection.

A benefit of the daddy makeover is that it combines multiple surgical procedures into one trip to the operating room and one recovery period. The time needed off from work depends on the specific procedures performed and how physical the patient’s occupation is.

A daddy makeover may be a great option for new fathers who seek an improvement in their physique that they have been unable to obtain without surgery.

Remember, any decision to undergo cosmetic procedures should be carefully considered, and it’s essential to consult with qualified professionals in the respective fields before making any decisions. Additionally, self-confidence and self-acceptance are crucial, and external changes should align with personal goals and well-being.

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