A mummy makeover is a mixture of procedures performed to help mums get their figure back from having a baby, but how long can we maintain a mummy makeover? This depends on a few factors.

Anna has been the turning point for many mums who felt like they has misplaced a piece of themselves in the whirlwind of motherhood. Anna specialises in post-baby mummy makeovers; ensuring that newfound confidence and radiance is endured for years to come.

How long do mummy makeover results last?

Whether you are just considering a mummy makeover or have already had the procedure, it is completely natural to ask, “How long will these amazing changes last?”

However, the answer isn’t so easy. To maintain a mummy makeover, the outcomes can vary based on several factors, like the extent of your procedures and your own unique body.

For one, surgical treatments have a more lasting impact, often ranging from several years to a decade or more. So, if your makeover includes a tummy tuck and breast lift, your results will typically outlast non-surgical options like fillers or Botox®.

Individual variations like skin elasticity, age, and how well you take care of yourself post-surgery also play a significant role in allowing you to maintain a mummy makeover.

When it comes to maximising your mummy makeover longevity, several factors come into play. From your daily habits to your surgeon’s approach, each aspect contributes to how long you can enjoy your new look.

Weight gain or loss

Significant weight gain or weight loss can alter the outcomes of your mummy makeover. It’s best to stay within a healthy weight range to extend the benefits of your procedure.


A balanced diet and regular exercise will keep you healthy and help preserve the aesthetic benefits of your makeover.

Post-operative care

Proper wound care, avoiding strenuous activities, and attending follow-up appointments are essential steps for optimal recovery and result longevity.

Hormonal changes

Pregnancy, menopause and certain medications can bring about hormonal fluctuations that affect your body shape and skin. Being aware of these changes can help you take proactive steps to maintain your results.


Your age at the time of surgery can influence how long your results last. Younger skin tends to have better elasticity, which can help prolong the effects.

Quality of surgeon

The skill and expertise of your surgeon plays a major role in your mummy makeover experience. A well-executed procedure paves the way for more durable and natural-looking results.

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