Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular around the whole world in recent years. The number of plastic surgery patients has gone up from 14 million to 23 million since 2010. Plastic surgery used to be most popular in women over the age of 40, however it has now become something that men and women of all ages have.

People have plastic surgery for a number of different reasons, which can sometimes be very personal. People often feel a lot more confident and have better self-esteem. So before you have any kind of plastic surgery, there are some important questions that you should consider to ensure that you will be happy with the end result.

Are you healthy enough to have plastic surgery?

Most people will be healthy enough to receive plastic surgery, however, we will do the essential checks before your surgery to ensure that it is safe to go ahead. If health problems are found then it may mean that you cannot have the surgery, however, it might also be something simple like losing some weight before the surgery.

What do you want to gain from the surgery?

From all plastic surgeries, you will expect to see a change in a facial feature or a particular part of the body. You might be insecure about a certain part of your body, and therefore want to change it to feel more confident. If you are expecting more than that then it is important that you know the possible limitations of the surgery before you go ahead with it.

What are your expectations?

It is important that your expectations for the end results are realistic, if you don’t think your expectations will be met then surgery may not be the option for you. Plastic surgery will not guarantee a job promotion or an improvement in your social life. If you are suffering from conditions such as depression or an eating disorder then it is important that you get them sorted before you go ahead with any kind of surgery.

Can you get the same results without surgery?

It is important to consider this before you go ahead with any plastic surgery procedures as it will always have risks that come with it. Could you try a healthier diet? Could you increase the amount of exercise that you are doing? If you have tried different options and you are still not happy with the result then plastic surgery may be a good alternative for you.

Are you aware that you may have to go through more than one surgery?

Although this is uncommon, you may need to have revision surgery to complete the transformation. Revision surgery involves having another surgery to improve the previous surgery. In some cases, this will only require a local anaesthetic, but it may also be a bigger procedure.

Will you be able to take the time off work to recover?

Depending on the type of procedure that you have, you may need to take days or even weeks off in order to have a full recovery. If you have an active job then you may require more time off. Even if you are a stay at home mum you will need to ensure that you have organised child care while you recover.