Sometimes breast implants simply need an upgrade or a replacement.

Even though implants have been designed to stand the test of time, breast implants do have to be changed from time to time.

Breast implant replacements offer a great opportunity to rejuvenate your look and restore the satisfaction you felt after your initial surgery.

Anna understands that breast implants are a lasting investment in your body and identity. Anna has been performing plastic surgery for many years and recognises when it is time for a change of implant.

As a general rule, both silicone implants and saline implants don’t typically need to be replaced for about 10 years. It is important to note that these are merely estimations. Some implants can go longer without needing replacement, while others may require it sooner.

Regular check-ups with your surgeon can help you monitor your implants’ condition and determine when it might be time to consider a replacement

While some women experience very apparent signs of implant replacement necessity, others may never need a replacement at all.

Implant leakage or rupture

Though rare, implant ruptures can happen.

Silicone implant ruptures are often silent and may require an MRI for detection. Saline implant ruptures, however, are usually noticeable due to changes in breast size.

Immediate medical attention and implant replacement are necessary in these cases.

Capsular contracture

This occurs when the scar tissue around the implant tightens, causing your breast to feel hard or lumpy.

Cosmetic reasons

As we age, you may desire a different implant size or shape to better align with your current lifestyle and aesthetic goals.


Significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and aging can alter the appearance of your implants. You may be recommended a replacement or adjustment to maintain your desired look.

Breast implant illness

Some patients experience various symptoms attributed to breast implant illness. This can include fatigue, chest pain, headaches, and joint pain.

The onset of these symptoms varies widely among patients. Some experience them shortly after surgery, while others may not notice any issues until several years later.

With regular follow-up appointments, Anna is able to monitor your implants. These check-ups can reveal any concerns that might necessitate a replacement earlier than expected.

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