Can plastic surgery correct breast asymmetry?

The answer is yes, but there is much more to understand about achieving symmetry for different patients.

The majority of women have asymmetrical breasts, meaning there’s a difference in form, position or volume of the breast. Uneven breasts might mean one breast is bigger than the other. Or it could mean your areolas are different sizes (or even colours). For some people, uneven breasts can mean they have asymmetrical nipples.

When patients seek plastic surgery for breast asymmetry, the primary goal is often to enhance form and shape. Striving for symmetry is a common aim during breast procedures. While each person naturally possesses slight differences between their left and right sides, plastic surgery helps achieve the best possible balance.

As a plastic surgeon, Anna recognises that every patient is unique, and their individual circumstances may influence the attainability of perfect symmetry.

In Anna’s practice, she approaches each patient with precision and sensitivity to their individual needs. While complete symmetry might not always be feasible, partial corrections can significantly enhance appearance and boost confidence. Anna will set realistic expectations for your results with you.

With Anna’s expertise, achieving symmetry through plastic surgery can become a possibility. Anna is dedicated to refining form and shape while embracing the uniqueness of each patient. While complete symmetry may not be attainable in all cases, rest assured that Anna’s commitment to aesthetic excellence underlies every procedure she performs.

Breast asymmetry has a very high success rate and high patient satisfaction rate. The results that can be achieved through this procedure are excellent and allow surgeons to hit the goals of the patient. Once the size and shape of the boobs have been evened out, it is very unlikely that asymmetry will occur, providing that the patient does not go through any drastic lifestyle changes such as severe weight gain/loss.

If you are ready to embark on a journey towards a more confident and symmetrical you, guided by a skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon contact Anna Raurell and book in for your consultation.

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