Understanding the the difference between implants, a breast lift & their benefits

Breast augmentation, commonly known as a boob job, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. While the appeal of the procedure is understandable, it is important for anyone considering it to approach this procedure with all the facts in hand.

Breast Lift
A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that reshapes and lifts breasts that have lost their shape and are drooping. Women who usually consider a breast lift are often seeking a way to firm up and lift their breasts to create a more youthful disposition. In terms of complexity, breast lifts are different than breast implants.

Such complexity may make sense because in most cases, the surgeon must surgically reconstruct the breast to meet an individual’s expectations. Possible steps may include removing excess skin, moving the nipple and areola or sometimes, recreate the nipple and areola altogether. The most important benefit of a breast lift is its time of lasting. When a person gets a breast lift, the results can last a lifetime; however, gravity can also affect results over time depending on the patient. Also, if there isn’t significant sagging, small incisions around the areola often suffice, resulting in less scarring.

For women with more significant sagging or when the nipples are starting to point downwards, an implant alone won’t be enough to create adequate lift. That’s when a breast lift, with an incision under the breast, up the middle and around the nipple may be needed.

Breast Implant
Breast implants are the most popular type of breast augmentation procedure. Implants are popular because they are a more straight forward procedure, and they often offer a quick way to adjust the size of the breast. Breast implants comprise a silicone shell filled with either a silicone gel matrix or saline (saltwater) solution.

When it comes to breast implants, there are many options in terms of shape, size, and texture. However, certain textured breast implants are linked to breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) and so it is important discuss this with your surgeon (smooth implants are safer).

In Summary
A breast augmentation is like any other surgery, with risks. Some of the risks include infection, bleeding, blood clots, excessive scarring, loss of nipple sensation, leaking or ruptured implants, chronic pain, fat necrosis, unmet expectations, among others. It is essential that you discuss the options above in detail with your surgeon so you are aware of all the risks.

You should also go into your procedure with an open mind, as the results you get may not always accurately meet your specific expectations.

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