When anyone is insecure about their body, it is always difficult to show confidence. Low self-esteem is a feeling men start having once diagnosed with gynaecomastia.

If you have enlarged male breasts, or sometimes known as man boobs, it can detract from your self-esteem. You may decide to shy away from many things where you would need to be shirtless such as holidays, swimming and intimate encounters with partners.

Gynaecomastia is a condition associated with excess male breast tissue. Usually, it develops during puberty and in most cases, goes away on its own in your early 20’s. For some men, the condition will remain throughout their lives.

There are several potential causes of gynaecomastia:

  • Weight gain
  • Hormonal changes
  • Heredity
  • Medications and drugs, including steroids and heavy use of marijuana
  • Dietary supplements
  • Health conditions such as kidney or liver failure, tumors and hypogonadism

In many instances the cause of gynaecomastia is never apparent.

Unfortunately, gynaecomastia is a source of embarrassment for many men. Sometimes men afflicted with this generally benign condition avoid seeking treatment out of self-consciousness. Fortunately, gynaecomastia surgery can restore a man’s self-esteem and improve his quality of life.

When men struggle with gynaecomastia in silence, it can lead to unexpected complications. For example, men who attempt to hide their enlarged breasts from view may avoid going to the gym. If they reject exercise, their health may suffer and they could gain more weight.

Obesity can be a contributing factor towards the persistence of gynaecomastia. Hence, men can find themselves in a vicious cycle. The more they try to hide their enlarged breasts, the more enlarged they can become.

The obvious benefit of gynaecomastia surgery is the contouring and flattening of the chest. Men can regard their bodies with a renewed sense of pride when it reflects their ideal profile. But there are many fringe benefits that may not be as apparent.

One such benefit of male breast reduction surgery is an improvement in posture. Men who are ashamed of their chests may slump down to minimise the appearance of their protruding chests. The benefits of male breast reduction are so much more than just physical; they are emotional and psychological as well.

If you are unable to lose weight in the chest area even after making significant changes in your diet and exercise routine, you might be a good candidate for the male breast reduction procedure. Contact Anna Raurell today to make your consultation appointment.