Being a man with overly developed breasts can be embarrassing, whether as a teenager or an adult. It is usually caused by a condition called gynaecomastia, which is very common and can go away on its own.

But how can we tell the difference between chest fat or gynaecomastia?

Determining whether the appearance of your breasts is caused by gynaecomastia or chest fat can be difficult. Sometimes it can be a combination of gynaecomastia and fat that causes the breasts to become overdeveloped. Fatty gynaecomastia may respond to changes in your diet and increased exercise, but not always.

During your consultation, Anna will explain the causes of gynaecomastia, how to tell the difference between gynaecomastia and chest fat, and describe treatment options to create a more masculine chest.

For various reasons, some men experience gynaecomastia and choose male breast reduction surgery to remove the excess tissue.

Because gynaecomastia involves excessive glandular tissue in the chest rather than fat, many people may develop the condition even if they’re not overweight.

A consultation with your surgeon is the best and most accurate way to determine if excess chest fat or glandular tissue is responsible for having enlarged breasts.

Fat in the chest feels like it does elsewhere, such as in the stomach and thighs. It is usually softer than how gynaecomastia feels, which is firmer and even rubbery.

Tender breasts and mild to moderate pain in the chest area are all common gynaecomastia symptoms. Your chest may feel swollen, constantly sore, and painful. This typically doesn’t occur with chest fat.

Excess chest fat often appears saggy and without definition. Glandular tissue that causes gynaecomastia is generally contoured or round and appears proportional. In some cases, the nipple area protrudes farther from the chest. Anna will discuss how your chests appears if you start or increase exercise and follow a healthier diet.

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