Breast revision surgery is aimed to improve the appearance of breasts that have been previously operated on or those who now wish to rejuvenate their results following a change in volume, shape, size or symmetry.

Women who are unhappy with the results from a previous procedure often turn to Anna Raurell for breast revision surgery.

A breast revision procedure allows Anna to address problems such as:

  • You might be experiencing capsular contracture. This post-surgical complication causes the natural scar tissue around the implant to shrink, causing the breast to be tender, painful, or deformed. Breast revision can improve all of these conditions.
  • You want breasts that look fuller and more natural. An implant might shift or drop lower in the breast following augmentation surgery. Anna can re-secure the implant using a variety of surgical techniques.
  • You would like a younger, perkier appearance. It is common for the breast’s skin to stretch over time or as a result of weight change during pregnancy. Anna can perform a breast lift to give patients a more youthful look.
  • You want your breasts to be smoother and more symmetrical. Anna can use different techniques to give a patient slightly more cleavage, or to balance out the size of two breasts. This technique has the added benefit that patients don’t need to exchange their implants.

During your consultation, Anna will spend time talking to you about your concerns and what you are looking to accomplish with breast revision. Depending on your goals, the surgery may involve removing excess scar tissue, placing new implants, changing the position of the implants,  lifting the breasts to a more youthful position or adding some fat around the implants.

Changes in your body may be affecting your comfort or aesthetics from a breast augmentation, or you may simply have different goals than when you first decided to have surgery. A breast revision procedure allows you to get the best results possible from your augmentation.

In general, you would be a good candidate for breast revision if you have had an augmentation, and you are not happy with the way you look or feel, and are healthy enough for surgery. This procedure is not appropriate for women with unrealistic expectations or those who have been encouraged by others to change their appearance. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, it may preclude you from having further surgery.

To book a consultation with Anna to discuss Breast Revision surgery please contact us to book your consultation.