When patients think of cosmetic breast procedures, the popular breast augmentation surgery is the first to come to mind. However, there are women who may be in a different position. Some women have large breasts that can impact their day-to-day lives. Large breasts can cause problems for women such as the chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain and the inability to perform certain tasks, such as exercising. When women want to speak to a doctor about breast reduction, they are encouraged to take the time to book a consultation with Anna Raurell.

What happens during a breast reduction procedure?

Anna Raurell performs breast reduction procedures that can be used to reshape the breasts, make the breasts smaller, remove added weight, and create a firm chest. During the initial consultation appointment with Annna, women can discuss with her the desired shape and size, and determine the best way to achieve the results that not only eliminate unwanted pain and discomfort but achieve natural-looking final results.

As with any plastic surgery, it is incredibly important to choose a surgeon that is highly skilled with exceptional training and experience to perform your treatment. Anna will perform the procedure in a way that best reduces the appearance of scarring and offers the most beautiful results. Excess breast tissue is removed from the chest area, and the nipple is repositioned to ensure proper balance and harmony.

Enjoying your breast reduction results

Many women who have had their breast procedures performed often wish they had done the surgery sooner. Women with breast reduction can once again get back into the activities they have avoided, including physical exercise. Women also find it is easier to find clothes that fit properly and do not attract the wrong kinds of attention. This can boost self-confidence for many women who have struggled with large breasts since puberty.

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