Breast reduction post operative care appointments

Breast reduction post operative care appointments are sometimes equally as important as the quality of the surgeryYou will be given appointments to come and see the nurses one week after surgery and another appointment to see Anna after one month.

Your post operative care appointments may vary depending on your specific circumstances. They are all included in the pricing of the surgery.

You will also be given an information sheet and telephone numbers for you to call in case of any query you may have once at home.

You will need to wear a soft bra (not padded and not wired), preferably fastened at the front day and night for 4 weeks. You can take the bra off when going for a shower. It is advisable that you have 2 bras so that you can wash one of them. There are different postoperative manufacturers that you can find online. The size is measured according to your chest width in most of them.

Properly fitted bras can be used after 8 weeks.

The dressings that you will have after the surgery will be removed after a week. This is done by the nurse.

Providing it all heals normally no dressings are needed after 2 weeks.

Anna uses drains that are normally removed the day after the surgery. Occasionally you may need to go home with drains. The nurses will teach you how to empty them.

There will be swelling and bruising of the breasts, especially in the lower part. This can last for about 2 weeks. Some leaking of the wounds is common in the first 10 days.

Initially your breasts will be higher and firmer, gradually getting softer. The outcome will improve over 6 to 12 months.

Time off work

Allow approximately 2-3 weeks, although it can vary between people. If you have an office job from home you may only need a week off work. This doesn’t mean you should be driving or doing other physical work whilst at home.

If your work entails lifting/arm work or it is physically demanding, you may need more than 3 weeks.

Some patients feel comfortable after one week, nevertheless it is preferable that you take things easy and wait for another week.

You should not be making beds, cleaning at home or picking up children for 2-3 weeks.

Wounds need to be fully healed before starting any exercise.

Aerobics or any other strenuous exercise like weightlifting should be avoided for at least eight weeks.

You should be able to return to your normal life and any activities after 6 weeks.


No driving before 2-3 weeks. Always check with your insurance company. You should be pain free and able to do an emergency turn. The seatbelt should sit comfortably.

If you feel you are ready or would like to learn more, arrange a consultation with Anna Raurell at BMI The Park Hospital. Anna is here to answer your questions and help you make a completely informed decision.